Feds Get Earful From ‘Fast Eddie' — “Are you &%*@% Nuts?”

Vrdolyak spews expletives on secretly recorded tape

Lawyers are known for convincing arguments. And some recently released recordings of former alderman and attorney Eddie Vrdolyak captured him making a colorful case to longtime partner Stuart Levine. Turns out, his friend was wearing a wire for the feds.

Vrdolyak pleaded guilty earlier this month to his part in a corrupt real estate deal, but evidence that prosecutors planned to use in that case had remained sealed until recently.

The Chicago Tribune sought to have that material opened, and recently gained access to some audio tapes recorded secretly by Vrdolyak's longtime friend and partner in crime.

On those tapes, "Fast Eddie," as Vrdolyak has been called for decades, is heard scheming with Levine to make a windfall profit. When things appeared to be turning south on the deal, Vrdolyak responded to Levine in no uncertain terms.

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