Refs Screwed Pacman on DeSean Jackson Premature Celebration Fumble

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When Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson made the bonehead play of the year by dropping the ball just before he crossed the goal line on Monday night against the Cowboys, I wrote that Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones should have jumped on the loose ball.

But has a video with head of officiating Mike Pereira in which it's made clear that in reality, Jones saw that Jackson had fumbled, and he was about to go recover the fumble -- until he saw an official incorrectly signaling that Jackson had scored a touchdown.

"Adam Jones really stopped because he heard the whistle and saw the signal," Pereira said.

So as it turns out, Jackson's bonehead play was followed by a heads-up play by Pacman: Except that the officials negated the heads-up play by their own bonehead play. Kudos to Pacman, and those officials are lucky that their mistake didn't make a difference in the outcome of the game, or else they'd be getting the Ed Hochuli treatment this week.

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