Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato Now a Radio Host, New Co-Workers Wish He'd Stay Away

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Daniel Snyder owns both the Washington Redskins and the Washington radio station ESPN 980, and in a bizarre bit of corporate synergy, Snyder has hired Vinny Cerrato, who already has the title of executive vice president of football operations, to host a show on the station.

If it seems to you that Cerrato -- whose duties include all the day to day football operations of the organization -- ought to have better things to do than arguing with Fred from Fairfax, well, you're not alone. It turns out that the on-air hosts on ESPN 980 think it's ridiculous that Cerrato is joining their ranks, and even though it's likely to anger the guy who signs their paychecks, they're not afraid to say so.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog reports that two ESPN 980 hosts, Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin, spent a good portion of their show today ripping Cerrato for taking the radio gig instead of spending all his time trying to make the Redskins better.

Sample comments include:

Pollin: As a Redskins fan for 40 years, 42 years, I am angry about this because I like to see my team, the team I have rooted for, the Washington Redskins, WIN GAMES. And management of the Redskins and ownership is telling us that positive spin on what they are doing is more important than spending time helping the team to win.


Czaban: Well I'll say Andy, that's a pretty big job....This is a big title. Biiiig job right here. VP of football operations.... Where will he find the time to do all that AND do a radio show?

They're right, of course: Cerrato should be devoting his time to running the Redskins, not to playing talk radio host. But Cerrato doesn't have to please Polin and Czaban, he doesn't have to please the fans, and he doesn't have to please anyone at all, except for Snyder. And as long as Snyder says it's OK for Cerrato to split his time, Cerrato will be the NFL's only GM/radio talk show host.

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