Trust Is “Most Difficult Hurdle” for Elizabeth Edwards

John Edwards' wife finally addresses the affair that rocked their marriage

More than five weeks after the revelation of her husband's infidelity, Elizabeth Edwards says she's in an "ongoing process of finding (her) feet again."

"There's a lot of adjustment to make," the wife of John Edwards, the former Democratic presidential candidate, told the Detroit Free Press this week. "When you mention trust, that's probably the most difficult hurdle."

Though she remains committed to keeping her family together, Edwards demurred when asked if she had forgiven her husband.

 "I don't want to feed the monster, if you don't mind," she said.

Rather than dwelling on her husband's indiscretions, she say she wants their children to know their father as "an advocate for poverty, not for this current picture of him to be the only one they carry with them, as young people and as adults."

She noted that had she undergone an amputation, as opposed to losing a child or having a cheating husband, no one would ask, "Are you over that leg thing yet?"

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