A Musical for Children: “Dear President Obama”

Black History Month got a kick-start with a wonderful play for children and adults created by Studio One Productions.

"Dear President Obama" is a stirring tale about the overflow of letters that are mailed to the 44th President from his youngest fan base.

Each letter has its own story, told through questions, advice and words of encouragement.

It begins in the mailroom of the White House where a novice tour guide, Nina, finds herself after losing her way. The White House mailman, George, captivates her attention when he begins to read letters that have been sent to President Obama from children around the world.  Each portrayal is a child's heartfelt and inspiring story intertwined with their dreams and hopes for the future, citing the powerful influence the president has already made on their lives.  In the end, the tour guide forgets about losing her way and decides this could be the best White House tour yet!

Studio One Productions' "Dear President Obama" will appear at The Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, at 777 N. Chicago Ave. on Feb. 28. There will be a family day performance of the play that is open to the public. Tickets are $8.

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