Mayor Richard Daley stormed out of a press conference Wednesday over questions concerning the death of Michael Scott.

During a City Hall news conference on the city council budget, a FOX Chicago reporter questioned the mayor about Michael Scott's death, saying some are suggesting the strange circumstances of his death "will have a tremendous impact on your career politically."

Daley immediately furrowed his brow, put his hand to his chest, and lashed out.

"It's a personal thing, it has nothing to do with my personal career," he said increduously. "That's an insult to me. Because someone that you love dies? Changes your public career?"

Daley then turned the tables on the reporter.

"What's wrong with you people, don't you have any respect for people anymore?"

And then: "You owe me an apology."

Daley gathered his papers and began leaving the podium. The reporter, Tera Williams, defended her question.

"This is what they just said to me at this meeting with these clergy members," she said. "They said they believed this would have a tremendous impact ..."

Daley then asked for the name of the person Williams was quoting. Before Williams could answer, Daley walked out of the room shaking his head.

"You  have no, no feeling about people," he said.

Williams said that wasn't true.

Since Scott's death on Monday, the mayor has repeatedly spoken highly of Scott, calling him a close friend and trusted ally.

On Tuesday, Daley spoke at length about the unfathomable nature of suicides, and suggested Chicagoans not question the reasons behind Scott's death.

Scott's death has provoked much debate among city officials and media observers.

As of Wednedsay, more than two dozen ministers and activists have said they don't believe Scott committed suicide, and are calling on state and federal authorities to conduct their own investigations.

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