Dizzy Dog's Dinner Dance Delights Alpo

Barrington Hill's resident Mary Beth Holsteen entered a video of her pug spinning in circles to Alpo's nationwide contest asking consumers to show why their dog was a "meat maniac." Ike's pre-dinner dance moves won him the right to be on 2.5 million cans of Alpo and a one year supply of the grub. Mary Beth isn't doing too badly, either, collecting a cool $10,000 for the win as well as a party. In fact, we're pretty sure Ike will spin and eat so much at the party that he'll officially be the first dog to lean over a toilet bowl and declare he had too much fun last night. Ike's win also proves that Pugs. Are. Awesome. Even if they sometimes look like a cicada.

Check out those moves.


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