Chicago's Dale Levitski Gives “Top Chef” Another Go

Local chef premieres on all-star edition tonight

If you don't succeed the first time, try, try again.

That could be Sprout executive chef Dale Levitski's rallying cry as the "Top Chef" alum competes this season on "Top Chef All Stars," debuting Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

Levitski was the runner-up on Season 3 of the show, and we'll see if he's sharpened his knives well enough to finish on top this time around.

Levitski will be up against 17 other chefs, including former contestants who've maintained a high profile following their runs on the show like Fabio Viviani and Carla Hall.

SmallBar Fullerton, which is next to Sprout, will be hosting a viewing party every Wednesday night during Levitzki's run on the show.


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