Bring on the B-Films

Tickets go on sale today for Northwestern's 24-hour film fest

If your New Year's resolution involves taking more steps to immerse yourself in the arts -- film in particular -- why not kick off 2009 with a bang at Northwestern University's 24-hour marathon of B-movies? While watching films like Ed Wood's ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space' and a sing-along version of ‘The Wizard of Speed and Time' at B-Fest might not be your idea of high culture, the encouraged audience participation might be one of the most entertaining experiences you have all year. (Think ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000')

Tickets for the Jan. 30-31 event go on sale today.  To order, call 847-491-2305, or visit the Norris University Center Box Office at Northwestern, 1999 S. Campus Dr. in Evanston.  Prices are $35 per person, $20 for students.  B-Fest takes place in the Norris University Center McCormick Auditorium.

The 2009 line-up of films is not yet finalized, but you can see a list of the films screened in 2008 on the B-Fest web site.

And if you plan to spend the full 24 hours at the film fest, the official web site recommends that you bring a pillow, flashlight, and toothbrush and toothpaste.  You don't want to offend fellow movie-goers with funky B-movie breath, now would you?

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