How to Find Your “Goldilocks Pace”

20130907 Runners

If you're just starting out as a runner, congratulations!

The first few runs are pretty tough when you're trying to figure out your pace, gait, routine, and more. One of the biggest questions you might have is about speed: How fast should I run? 

Should I sprint until I'm exhausted? Or start slow with leisurely walks? An article from Runner's World suggests you find a middle ground, or your "Goldilock's pace," and here's how:

Measure your run in minutes, not distance. You'll improve based on time you spend with an elevated heartrate, which will eventually lend itself to running longer distances, but be patient. Always start with a warm-up, a walk or slow jog to ease into your run. Make sure you relax the muscles you're not working while running at your optimal pace, and above all: listen to your body. If you feel you can go faster, try it out! If you're feeling wiped, slow to a walk for a bit. 

Starting out is hard, but it gets better! Check out the original post at and ease into it!

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