Beer Me Up, Scotty

Branch 27 holds beer tasting dinner

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Wine tasting, schmine tasting. Sometimes, beer just gets stereotyped as the beverage of choice for wings, football, and keg stands. Don’t get us wrong, those are all things we can’t live without.

But that doesn’t mean beer doesn’t deserve a little class every now and again. Enter the Goose Island Brewery Tasting Dinner at Branch 27.
On November 18 at 7 p.m., the restaurant will host a beer tasting dinner. And it sounds delish.
50 bucks gets you four “chapters,” a.k.a. courses, paired with brews, all hosted by brew master Greg Hall.
Start the evening off with a very fall-friendly pumpkin flatbread with bacon, ricotta cheese, parmesan and fried sage, paired with a Harvest Ale.
Next up is the Goose Island Matilda-steamed Prince Edward Island mussels with shallots, garlic and herbs served with grilled ciabatta bread and paired with, you guessed it, the Matilda.
Belly up for Chapter Three, which involves the pan seared duck breast with braised leg, butter blanched lacinato kale, spaghetti squash and huckleberry jus paired with Pere Jaques.
And last but certainly not least comes the grand finale, a.k.a chapter 4; a naughty chocolate-cherry ganache tart with whipped crème fraise and paired with the Bourbon County Stout.
Afterward, you can determine if you like your new classy, self (beer goggles may be part of this determination, that’s only natural) or if you're more at home in your element with a PBR and a bucket of KFC. But hey, at least you gave it a shot.
To reserve your spot at the Branch 27 Goose Island Brewery Tasting Dinner on November 18 at 7 p.m., call 312.850.2700 or send an email to (subject line: beer dinner)
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