Bears Apologize to Fans in Full-Page Ad

Lovie apologized, too

The 2009 Chicago Bears stunk. 

They know it.

Why else would they take out a full page ad in two of Chicago’s newspapers apologizing to fans.

"In a season where we did not perform at our best, we are further humbled by the fact that our fans stepped up and did their part," the ad states, pathetically. "You played your role in the team perfectly."

It’s nearly the same message that Lovie Smith was spouting after the Bears managed to win the last game of the season 37-23 over the Detroit Lions.

"I think change is necessary from top to bottom with everybody who had anything to do with where we are right now," Smith said about what needs to happen in the coming days. "I think all of us didn't do as good a job as we needed to. As a head football coach,  I didn't do as good a job as I need to and (the list of coaches responsible) goes down."

So, yeah, sorry about that busted season.

Now let’s see if the team makes moves so they aren’t apologizing at the same time next year.

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