Bat Your Lashes With Confidence

Lincoln Park salon offers custom eyelash extensions

Batting your eyelashes at the perfect gent across the bar is a difficult task when your sparse, blond lashes can barely be seen. Mascara leaves clumps, black smudges under your eyes and stains on your potential gent's pillow. SO not cool. You would think there would be an easier way, and it turns out there is.

Cheeky Chicago checked out the just-opened Flutter Lash Studio (1627 N. Clybourn Ave.) in Lincoln Park. Master eyelash-er Ignacia Garcia specializes in custom eyelash extensions and has implemented a team of top-rated Chicago lash artists to work their magic on your peepers.

So what exactly are custom eyelash extensions? Just what they say they are -– long lasting (they can last anywhere from two weeks up to two months), custom (each eyelash is added one-by-one) extensions of your own lashes.

And after the first set is applied, all you need are little maintenance visits. I imagine it as similar to the maintenance you have to do to keep up with your Brazilian waxes -– except a LOT less painful. In fact, Garcia said most people fall asleep during the two-hour process, where you lay down on a super-comfortable bed and close your eyes while your eyelashes are applied.

And if you're concerned about whether you can still wear mascara after the process, you'll be thrilled to know the answer. Garcia says you can definitely still wear mascara, but you just need to be careful and use it lightly. Plus, after you leave with your new lashes, you may not need mascara anyways. You'd be surprised.

And, if you don't feel like splurging on the whole shebang (an initial full set will set you back $350), you can go for the "Cat Eyes" look, which is just the outer corners (from $75-$125).

Now, where were we? Oh yes, back to the bar and your flirting tactics ...

Kim Peiffer is a fashion contributor for, a local online magazine designed exclusively for, by and about the cosmopolitan woman.

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