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The lingering financial crisis has re-framed the presidential debate from lipstick to liquidity overnight, forcing the candidates into uncomfortable discussions about where the economy is going. The buzz today: who appears stronger on the dismal science.

  • The NYT editorializes that McCain's attempt to explain away his gaffe on the economy was more worrisome than his initial claim that the state of the economy was strong.  The paper accused McCain of employing "Karl Rovian" tactics. Take-away: "In clarifying his comments, Mr. McCain lavished praise on workers, but ignored their problems. That is the real insult."  
  • Obama has a chance to win back voters with his plan for the economy and instead he's blowing in on ads about McCain's computer illiteracy, writes Jonah Goldberg for the LAT. In short, Obama can't close the deal. Take-away: "Obama seems unable to fight fire with fire."
  • The editorial board at the WSJ isn't happy with either candidate's performance on the economy, which makes its criticism of McCain all the more damning. At least Obama has a plan and doesn't dilute his speeches with broad generalizations like McCain, the WSJ writes. Take-away: "Senators McCain and Obama would appear to know more about Mars than they do about financial markets." 
  • The only thing being buried faster than the economy is the truth, writes Michael Goodwin in the NY Daily News. Obama promises more red tape and McCain is clueless when it comes to the economy. Take-away: "Let's try some honesty. We -- you me and our government, all of us  -- have been living in a fantasyland about credit cards and mortgages."
  • And Maureen Dowd of the NYT writes that has been holed up in Alaska for the last week -- insulated from the harsh realities of the financial crisis. She pokes fun at McCain for wanting Palin to meet heads of state at the UN next week. Take-away: "You can't contract foreign policy experience like a rhinovirus."
  • Politico asked the experts how the candidates are doing with respect to the economy -- Mark Penn says Obama will out-perform McCain. Rick Santorum says McCain could come out ahead but must distance himself from the Bush White House. Patricia Schroeder says Obama has it in the bag.
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