Everything Tastes Better With Bacon Wax

David Burke's Primehouse offers Bacon Candle


Americans love their bacon.

With the recent influx of such bacon-inspired products like Vosges Bacon chocolate, bacon mayonnaise and even bacon gumballs, it seems we can all get our fair share of the greasy pork product at every meal.
But now the obsession with bacon has been taken a step further, right here in Chicago.
David Burke's Primehouse Executive Chef Rick Gresh takes bacon love to a whole new level with the creation of his Bacon Candle. It’s made with rendered bacon fat and stands at 2 inches tall with a vegetable base wick, but the kicker is how you actually use the candle.
The candle emits a delicious-smelling bacon aroma and is poured over dry aged beef, scallop sashimi, or any other delectable treat worthy enough to be covered in bacon (so in other words, almost everything). 
Get the Bacon Candle with your meal at Primehousem or purchase one for $5 at the in-house butcher shop in case you want to try it at home.
Mmmmm... bacon.
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