A Bolly-Good Culinary Experience

Indian Garden offers authentic Indian cuisine in Chicago

Mild, medium or hot? That's the question the server will pose to you concerning the spice level at Indian Garden Restaurant (247 E. Ontario Street). We chose medium, which thankfully turned out to be the correct choice. In fact, Indian Garden is the correct choice if you're looking for good Indian cuisine and an experience that will take you on a culinary voyage.

Indian Garden prides itself on providing the exotic tastes and textures of India. As soon as you enter the restaurant, the pungent smell of the spices and aromas let you know that you're about to explore part of India's rich culture.

But how does the food stack up compared to some of the other favorite Indian hot spots in town? Definitely sample the Samosas, which are deep-fried cone-shaped pastries stuffed with potatoes and green peas, or any of the Paneer dishes.

The naan (flat leavened bread baked on the wall lining of the Tandoori oven) is a good gauge of any Indian restaurant's chops, and the Indian Garden's traditional and garlic naan more than hold their own in that category.

But what differentiates Indian Garden from most restaurants in the city is their service. The place was packed throughout the evening, but it appeared that every table was getting special service. The waitstaff was friendly and informative and made our dining experience enjoyable.

Just be sure to sure to clarify the spice level before you order, or you may end up sweating your way through your meal!

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