Man Convicted of Brutal Winnetka Murders Seeks New Sentence

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The man convicted of killing a young couple and their unborn child in Winnetka more than 30 years ago is back in Cook County courts, seeking a new sentence for the crime that shocked and terrified the North Shore.

Nancy and Richard Langert were brutally murdered in a Winnetka townhouse on April 7, 1990, with police at the time calling it an "execution."

"The last thing she did, 25 years old, was pull herself over by her elbows next to her husband, and she took her hand in her own blood and she drew on the ground, last message, in blood, she said love you. A heart and a U. Love you. And that's how she died," Nancy Langert's sister Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins recalled.

Eventually charged with the murders was then-16-year-old New Trier High School student David Biro, who fellow students said boasted about the crimes.

Biro was convicted of home invasion, murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child in 1991, receiving three life sentences.

Armed with the 2013 U.S. Supreme Court ruling Miller v. Alabama, which ordered re-sentencing for juveniles who received mandatory life sentences, the now-48-year-old Biro is seeking a new sentence. And Bishop-Jenkins says she's living the tragedy all over again.

"He is a predatory killer," she said. "Having to continually re-engage with this man for the rest of his life, now that both my parents have passed away, this is now my fight. And it's one that I will proudly and lovingly carry until my dying day if I have to. But I would really rather not have to do that."

A Cook County judge is scheduled to rule in Biro’s case on April 29.

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