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Six Flags Responds to Safety Criticisms



    RE: Six Flags

    From: Nancy Krejsa

    Senior Vice President

    Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

    Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

    Our top priority at Six Flags is the safety of our guests and employees.  We take great pride in, and have the utmost confidence in the quality and expertise of our medical teams at all of our parks, including Great America.  We conform to, or exceed, all local, state and federal standards regarding Emergency Medical Care.  Region 10 EMS of Illinois inspects our Great America facilities, authorizes certified EMTs to work at our park, oversees our operations, provides treatment protocols that we adhere to, and recommends our operating license approval to the state.  As an additional precaution, we procure services from the Chief of Emergency Medicine at Bay State Medical Center to ensure all of our emergency medical care programs meet or exceed all necessary standards.  We believe our track record of treating thousands of guests over the years with no EMS-related guest claims in at least a decade speaks for itself.

    Following receipt through the EthicsPoint system in April 2012 of the complaints filed by the former seasonal employees you interviewed, which they also sent to OHSA, the Illinois Department of Public Health, and Region 10 EMS, we completed an exhaustive review of all of our EMS practices at Great America.  The audits were performed by both internal and external parties, including Six Flags corporate safety officers, our head of administration, the park president, our head of internal audit and several other senior company executives.   

    Our conclusion and the conclusion of the external parties was that, with the exception of a few minor items that were immediately corrected, the allegations made by these former seasonal employees are false and unmerited.  In follow-up to the company’s investigation, we responded to Ms. Galiardo on June 1, 2012 through the EthicsPoint system and informed her of the outcome of our investigation.  Therefore, in addition to the false claims about the quality of our medical care services, the statement that the company did not investigate the claims is false and the statement that we never contacted her to share the outcome of our investigation is also false.   

    You might find the attached resignation letter from Ms. Galiardo of interest, where she claims her work experience at Great America was “exceptional” and her decision to leave was “difficult”.  You also might find it interesting that since her resignation in 2011, she has contacted us to be considered for future employment.

    We would be both appalled and disappointed if NBC were to run a sensationalist story based on unsubstantiated statements by one or more former disgruntled employees.  Publishing any story regarding this situation would be irresponsible and potentially defamatory.  We will have no further comment on this matter.



    Nancy Krejsa

    Senior Vice President

    Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

    Six Flags Entertainment Corporation