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In today's progressive age, where technology, design and innovation shape the world we live in, why are we still convinced that luxury is synonymous with legacy and heritage?

Luckily, Kia is here to open your eyes and buck that trend. With the new 2015 Kia K900, the perennially progressive automakers boldly enter the rear-drive luxury sedan segment, signaling a new era and new level of sophistication. By crafting a sedan from the finest materials available and equipping it with the most advanced onboard technology, Kia delivers a car that is both thrilling to drive and supremely comfortable to enjoy.

With its sleek, aerodynamic body and a cabin that sits further to the rear of the car, the K900 embodies elegance. But don't let its beautiful design and effortlessly clean lines fool you. Sitting on a wide wheelbase, the K900 hugs the road like a sports car, while the V8 Tau engine offers 420 horsepower.

Things get even better inside thanks to the K900's deft blend of style and comfort. Leather seats are both heated and ventilated, enabling you to easily adjust to changing climates, a panoramic sunroof allows everyone--no matter where they are seated--to enjoy soft, natural light, and a 17-speaker audio system envelopes you in crisp, clean sound. But the details don't stop there.  Passengers in the rear will love their reclining seats, laminated windows ensure the cabin remains quiet, and cold-weather commuters will praise the heated steering wheel.

The K900's technology is equally impressive. Driving at night is made simple and safe with the Adaptive Front Light System, which adjust LED headlights based on speed and turning angle. Meanwhile, drivers can always keep their eyes on the road thanks to the customizable Head-Up display (discretely displaying key driving information on your windshield) and UVO, a voice-activated infotainment and telematics system that will keep you connected during the duration of your trip.

While we could go on about what makes the K900 2015's most exciting luxury sedan, we think it's better that you see for yourself. That's why Kia invites you to make your own conclusion at the 2014 Chicago Autoshow. And, don't forget to check out the K900 at and sign up for updates about this groundbreaking new luxury sedan.

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