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Fans Fear Repeating History With Britney Spears Post-Conservatorship

“Well, did we learn anything?” culture critic Gerrick Kennedy asked

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Britney Spears is finally freed of her conservatorship, but observers and fans worry that society will fall back into the same behavior that helped put her there more than 13 years ago. 

Spears’ conservatorship has been the subject of numerous documentaries, headlines and even a congressional hearing over the past year after her fans called attention to her situation through the #FreeBritney movement. The New York Times examined the social media campaign and Spears’ struggles under media scrutiny in a documentary this year, “Framing Britney Spears.”

But it remains to be seen whether the media and society have truly changed now that Spears, 39, has finally regained her freedom. 

While strides have been made to offer Spears empathy in the public eye, Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, the women behind the popular "Britney’s Gram" podcast, are skeptical that she can return to being the subject of scrutiny. Some people have already argued that Spears’ more eccentric social media posts are grounds to keep her in the confining arrangement.

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