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Angelina Jolie Pleads for Protection of Vulnerable Children During Coronavirus Pandemic

Social distancing could inadvertently "fuel a direct rise in trauma and suffering for vulnerable children"

Being less vulnerable to a virus doesn't make children completely safe.

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions of families around the world, Angelina Jolie is speaking out and reminding citizens that we must look out for children in need during this time.

"Of the many ways that the pandemic is making us rethink our humanity, none is more important, or urgent, than the overall protection of children," Angelina wrote in an article for Time. "They may not be as susceptible to the virus as other groups, but they are especially vulnerable to so many of the secondary impacts of the pandemic on society."

According to the Oscar winner, social distancing could inadvertently "fuel a direct rise in trauma and suffering for vulnerable children." The reason why? There's no way to escape stress at home and in some cases, domestic violence.

"It comes at a time when children are deprived of the very support networks that help them cope: from their trusted friends and teachers to after-school sports activities and visits to a beloved relative's house that provide an escape from their abusive environment," she wrote. "COVID-19 has cut children off from their friends, their regular schooling and their freedom of movement."

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And while much attention has been made about children missing out on their education--even Angelina's son had to press pause on college--the actress poses a question to readers.

"What are we doing now to step up to protect vulnerable children from suffering harm during the shutdown that will affect them for the rest of their lives?" she asked.

For starters, Angelina recommends you call family or friends particularly where "we might have concerns that someone is vulnerable." Anyone can educate themselves on the signs of stress and domestic violence.

There are also numerous organizations including The Child Helpline Network and The Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children willing to offer assistance.

"It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child," Angelina shared. "It will take an effort by the whole of our country to give children the protection and care they deserve."

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