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Shakira: 'I Really Want To Reproduce'



    Shakira: 'I Really Want To Reproduce'

    Shakira may be gearing up for a lengthy campaign in support of her October 2009 album, 'She Wolf,' but motherhood isn't far from the Colombian singer's mind.

    "I really want to reproduce," she told the Associated Press recently. "I am so ready. I really would like to have a big belly, to walk around with my big belly."

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    While becoming a parent is something the superstar is looking forward to, she isn't ready to get pregnant just yet.

    "I can't bring a little wolf right now to the world in the middle of so many projects," she said. "Maybe next year after the tour, who knows?"

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    Perhaps one reason behind Shakira's child-bearing yearnings has to do with how she feels about herself presently. And she's expressed her new emotions in the album's title song.

    "I think 'She Wolf' has a lot to do with the moment in which I feel I am. I feel much freer now as a woman, a little more in touch with my own desires, and I tend to listen to myself a little more. 'What does Shakira want?'" she said. "Not what everybody else wants, but what do I really want? And I think that the song deep inside is about that."

    And while Beyonce calls her on stage personality Sasha Fierce, Shakira has her own adopted alter-ego, also called "She Wolf."

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    "[It's] like a more animalistic side of you, a more primitive side … an animal person in a way," she said. "So when you understand these things you forgive yourself every time you screw up, you say, 'It wasn't me, that was the she wolf … that was the animal in me, that wasn't me, I have nothing to do with that."

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