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Judge Throws Book, Booze Bracelet at LiLo

A judge lays down a few rules for Linsday Lohan Monday morning in court



    No alcohol, no drugs and a new bracelet -- those are the rules a judge set down for actress Lindsay Lohan during a court hearing.

    Lohan arrived a few minutes late for the 8:30 a.m. PST hearing in Beverly Hills. That  was an improvement from last week when she never arrived for a scheduled hearing.

    Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel said Lohan could remain free on bail, but she cannot consume alcohol. She was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and submit to random weekly drug testing.

    Lohan avoided arrest after last week's no-show by posting $100,000 bail, but still faces the other conditions imposed by the judge.

    Her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, said the monitoring device would interfere with Lohan's work. Holley wanted the judge to consider  allowing Lohan to submit to drug testing in Texas, where she is shooting a  movie.

    Holley asked the device not be installed yet, to "allow her also  to make a living," saying the actress also has a number of upcoming photo  shoots.

    The judge wasn't buying it. She ordered the device -- called a SCRAM device -- be in place within 24 hours.

    TMZ.com reported that the bracelet was placed on Lohan after Monday's hearing.

    Revel said Lohan would need to comply with her order to have the  bracelet attached and to have drug testing administered in California,  suggesting the actress would need to "delay" that work.

    "She needs to submit to random testing here, not in Texas," Revel said.

    The judge told Lohan she could spend a half-hour listing all the reasons  why she believes why Lohan needs those conditions.

    Revel asked whether Lohan understood the conditions of bail as outlined  by the court. Lohan answered, "Yes, your honor. Yes, I do."

    Last week's scheduled hearing involved a progress report on her probation stemming from two arrests in 2007. Revel said there is probable cause to believe that Lohan violated the terms of her probation.

    A hearing on whether those terms were violated was scheduled for July 6. The probation stems from Lohan crashing a 12-cylinder Mercedes-Benz on  Sunset Boulevard on May 26, 2007. She also pleaded guilty to  cocaine use in an arrest in Santa Monica on July 24 of that year. 

    Lohan had been at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She said she missed Thursday's hearing because someone had stolen her passport.

    The judge asked Monday for proof that Lohan intended to attend the hearing. Holley said she has proof -- airline tickets dated May 19.

    Lohan landed at Los Angeles International Airport Saturday night and avoided most of the paparazzi who  were awaiting her arrival