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Funny-Guy-Turned-Senator Al Franken Disses Lieberman

Sen. Joe just can't catch a break



    Funny-Guy-Turned-Senator Al Franken Disses Lieberman

    Sen. Joe Lieberman just wanted 30 more seconds to talk on the floor of the U.S. Senate. 'No, your time is up,' is essentially what Sen. Al Franken said, as he presided over the chamber at the time.

    Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, was in the middle of discussing amendments he was going to add to the health care bill, for which he has drawn the ire of liberals for his opposition to a government-run insurance plan.

    He asked for "unanimous consent" to keep going for a few minutes beyond the ten allotted.  That's one of those things that legislators usually say and keep speaking.  But Franken, the Democrat from Minnesota and one of the freshest members, objected and was running the debate at the time. 

    A stunned Lieberman said he'd submit the rest of his statement in writing. 

    Republican Senator and Friend-of-Joe John McCain came to Lieberman's defense moments later, criticizing Franken's behavior as inappropriate and explaining he had never seen anything like it before.

    The Website TPM recalls the time Lieberman supported Franken's opponent in his bid for senate.

    Ahh, we love this time of year in Washington.