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Who Wants to Work for Rahm?



    Who Wants to Work for Rahm?

    Rahm Emanuel's newly launched transition committee web site, Chicago2011.org, aims to encourage user interaction, and maybe snag an employee or two.

    The web site, which has a feel similar as President Obama's Change.gov web site, is chock full of places for regular Chicagoans to add their voice to the legislative process.

    One key element, according to the Mayor-elect , is the "work with us" section which asks job seekers to apply for a spot in the city government. 

    "The opportunity is to professionalize the level of service we haven't had," Emanuel said. "The company that will be manage the resumes, Spencer Stuart, politics will be taken out, merit will be the judgment. ... We're going to have talent we haven't had before."

    And it's all automated. The left rail of the website plays host to a resume submission tool:

    To ensure we attract the best talent in the city and across country, the Mayor-elect has committed to giving Chicago's hiring process the fresh start it needs by establishing a clear precedent: political considerations will never override merit, for both hiring and other employment decisions. When you submit your resume today, it will be stored confidentially at Spencer Stuart, a well-known and reputable executive search and human resources firm. It will be reviewed by Chicago2011 staff, and every resume will be handed over to the City Hall human resources department on May 16.

    Other elements include a "submit a proposal" section that encourages Chicagoans to offer up ideas for how to transform Chicago for the next generation:

    Participate in your government! The incoming administration wants your input in its plans for Chicago. Submit your idea to the transition committee below to help turn your ideas into action. Proposals will be considered by the transition committee and some will be presented on this website for discussion.

    The site also includes a blog, links to press releases and a "talk about the issues" vertical, which asks visitor to weigh in on general topics such as "World Class Place to Work and Live" and "Fiscally Sound Government". As of press time there were nine active issues with just one comment.