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Washington Not Too Interested in Blagojevich Trial: Durbin



    Washington D.C. is too busy with its own summer embarassments -- General McChrystal's ouster, the ongoing BP tragedy, etc -- to worry about Illinois' own political discomfiture, Sen. Dick Durbin said today.

    Of course, downplaying the trail could play to Durbin's desire to minimize its importance. Durbin has been subpoenaed by the Blagojevich defense, and previous accounts have noted the Blagojevich trial is a distant but everpresent headache for the Obama administration.

    "I don't think my voice will be heard," Durbin said.

    As for the carp?

    "This was a warning," Durbin said, referring to the carp recently found beyond the electronic barrier. "We need to do more and we need to do it quickly."

    Durbin says he sent an email to White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel advocating for a carp czar to oversee the issue.

    "Hydrologic separation is a huge undertaking, and expensive," Durbin said, but noted it should be considered.