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Speed Cameras Could Make Chicago America's No. 1 Speed Trap



    How bad is Chicago’s Second City complex? So bad, apparently, that we can’t stand it even when New York finishes ahead of us on a list of worst speed traps in America.

    Trapster.com is out with its “Cities with the most speed traps.”

    Trapster, a website where users share information on speed traps and traffic jams, based the list on reports from its 15 million users. Trapster shared the information with CNBC.com.

    According to CNBC:

    “Chicago has the MOST red light cameras, more than any other U.S. city,” [Trapster product manager Sean] Farrell says, although according to the GPS community website POI Factory, which maintains an updated list of red light and speed cameras, Chicago is number two in the country, with a whopping 418 traffic–enforcement cameras in its metro area.

    As for New York City:

    "With its high number of drivers on the road, police enforce speed very seriously,” says Farrell. POI Factory lists the number traffic-enforcement camera locations at 451 for the New York metro area, making it number one on its list.

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office has not released a figure on how many speed cameras it plans to install near schools and parks, but an analysis of the legislation passed by the General Assembly determined that 53 percent of the city could be monitored by speed cameras.

    The Expired Meter published a list of 79 red-light camera intersections that could be fitted with speed cameras. Even that modest number would vault us ahead of New York.

    We elected Rahm Emanuel because he was a world-class politician who would make us a world-class city. Well, he’ll make us a world-class speed trap at least.

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