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Rahm: America Needs 4 More Years of Obama



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012)

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel took to the stage Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention like the opening act of a rock concert, waving and pointing into the crowd.

    "From the President's hometown of Chicago, it's my honor to speak to you about the President I served," Emanuel proudly told the crowd as he opened his speech.

    Before he ran the City of Chicago, Emanuel served as President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff.

    Emanuel spoke a great deal about his experience working alongside Obama in the White House and he sprinkled a few details about the man who is President. 

    During his speech, Emanuel blended lighter remarks, like Obama's special look reserved just for Emanuel, with strong praise of the Commander in Chief's ability to tackle multiple problems.  Obama did it without a blueprint or map for guidance, according to Emanuel.

    "Believe me, if it existed, I would have found it," Emanuel said about seeking solutions to situations like the financial crisis and the War in Afghanistan.

    Emanuel also talked about Obama reading ten letters from his constituents every night before he goes to bed.

    The entire speech itself, along with the delivery, aimed to paint a picture of a President that is easier for Americans to relate to and someone qualified to fill the position for another term.

    "In these next four years we need proven leadership, proven judgement and proven values," Emanuel said emphatically as he pounded the podium for each point. "America needs four more years of Barack Obama!"