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No Comment on Blago Sentence: Feds



    No Comment on Blago Sentence: Feds
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    What is Rod Blagojevich's sentencing fate? It's up to a judge, federal prosecutors said Friday.

    Following reports of the feds readying to ask for 30 years to life, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said the government has not publicly or privately recommended a sentence.

    "The government has submitted a calculation of the advisory sentencing guidelines, as it is required to do in all cases," said spokesman Randall Samborn in a statement. "The government submitted that calculation to the probation office as is standard practice and we will not comment on those calculations publicly.”

    Sources with knowledge of the sentencing guidelines, which are expected on Friday, said Thursday the feds will ask for a sentence of 30 years to life.

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    Contacted by phone, Blagojevich's attorney, Sheldon Sorosky, said a sentence that severe would be outrageous.

    But the government says the 56-year-old politician deserves the stiffest penalties possible because he took the stand and lied, and because he was essentially the head of a corporation.

    In the end, Federal Judge James Zagel will decide the Governor's fate.

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