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New Book Looks At Emanuel's Family Past



    Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel’s new book, "Growing Up Emanuel," looks to confirm what Chicagoans have already witnessed: These three brothers like to fight.  

    Zeke and brothers Rahm and Ari Emanuel, just two years apart in age, found themselves facing quite a lot of adversity growing up. At one point Zeke talks of having to defend themselves when they were called “n—lovers” because their mother brought African-American friends to their home, notes Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet who previews the book.

    The Emanuel brothers came out on top. Zeke, 54, is a bioethicist and former White House health policy adviser.  Ari, 50, is a well-known Hollywood agent. Rahm, as we all know, is Chicago's mayor and former White House chief of staff.

    In the book, Zeke recalls how their mother, Marsha Emanuel, signed all three of the boys up for ballet lessons when they were in sixth, fourth and second grades. He recounts, “when we went back to school and some kid made fun of our taking ballet, my youngest brother [Ari] made sure he never made fun of us again.”

    They were also encouraged to speak up and question authority. “Mom would be down in the principal’s office,” Zeke writes, “whatever the gym teacher said couldn’t possibly be right.”
    Zeke will be in Chicago speaking at the Union League Club about his new book on April 5.