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City Makes a $65 Million NATO Promise



    The Emanuel administration believes the cost for hosting the NATO and G8 summits could be as much as $65 million. Much of which will be paid for with private donations they said earlier this week. 

    How will the city rally such a Herculean fund raising push for the the summits with a mere five months  until May 19-21?

    City officials said they would lean on the apparatus they employed for the failed Chicago Olympic bid to help pay for a lion's share. 

    The rest would be paid for by federal funding, because after all, the summits are a federal event. 

    Officials promised that city taxpayers would not pay a dime. 

    This Ward Room blogger is dubious.

    That promise sounds a lot like one that the former mayor delivered ahead of the 2016 Olympic bid. 

    In the end, that promise wasn't worth a dime. The City Council cleared Daley to spend what he wanted in cost overruns. 

    With that in mind, Ward Room is adding this to the Emanuel promise list, which already contains, among other things, a guarantee that he would not raise property taxes. Technically the promise is kept. His school board raised the taxes.