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Life's Been Rough on Joe Walsh



    Life's Been Rough on Joe Walsh

    When Rep. Joe Walsh began running for Congress, he was at first confused with the guitarist famous for his membership in The James Gang and The Eagles, and his satirical song “Life’s Been Good.” The two men actually have very little in common.

    Walsh the guitarist has been known to add the line “vote for Barack” to “Life’s Been Good.” He also gets along with his ex-wives.

    Joe Walsh the politician does not. But in honor of his joining the line up of Ward Room politicians this morning, I wrote a parody of “Life’s Been Good,” outlining his political philosophy.  It’s called “Life’s Been Rough.”

    My North Shore condo was east of Green Bay
    The bank foreclosed when I couldn’t pay.
    It only proved I’m a Regular Joe
    When I had to rent a Winnetka chateau.

    They say I'm crazy ’cause I drink lots of tea
    I ran for office ’cause Obama screwed me
    Life's been rough on me so far.

    I had more kids than I could afford
    Now my ex-wife’s suing me for support.
    She says I owe her 100K
    I need the money for my next campaign.

    Now I’m in Congress, I’m getting rich.
    That doesn’t mean I’m paying that witch.
    They’ll never drag me into that court alive
    If the judge takes my license, my aides will just drive

    Lucky I’ve got cash after all I’ve been through
    The Tea Party says I’m cool (He’s cool)
    I shouldn’t complain but that’s all I do
    Life’s been rough on me so far

    I go to on TV, sometimes until late
    I can’t pass bills, so I have to debate
    I hate paying taxes, I love shooting guns
    I lost my district, now I can’t run.

    She says I’m deadbeat but she won’t get a dime
    Everybody says Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
    I keep on going and I'll tell you why
    Life’s been rough on me so far