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Joe Walsh: Punk Rock Congressman



    Is Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Illinois, America’s first punk rock congressman?

    Tammy Duckworth, who is running for the Democratic nomination in Walsh’s 8th District, tries to make him look that way in a new fundraising ad that’s a preview of how nasty this race is going to get.

    The video replays footage of Walsh’s famous brunch-time freakout at Uno Chicago Bar & Grill, over a soundtrack of The Clash’s cover of “Brand New Cadillac,” which is supposed to make us feel that Walsh is out of control.

    “Don’t blame banks and don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now,” he shouts. “I am tired of hearing that crap.”

    Later, Walsh shouts “This pisses me off!” as the video turns different shades of grainy black and white, then speeds up to make Walsh look even crazier.

    Duckworth also uses Walsh’s words to remind viewers that she’s a veteran, and Walsh isn’t.

    “We are at war in this country,” he’s shown telling an audience, “and what I’ve done is simply play a pretty big part in that war.”

    “Going on Fox News and spouting Tea Party slogans isn’t fighting for your country,” Duckworth tells the camera.

    The Tea Party Ranter vs. The War Heroine. This will be one of the most-publicized congressional races in the country next year.