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Hyde Park Snobs vs. North Shore Snobs, The Rematch



    Hyde Park Snobs vs. North Shore Snobs, The Rematch

    After Ward Room published an article comparing Hyde Park’s snobbery to the North Shore’s snobbery, an amused North Shore reader wrote in with some suggestions of his own. Because nothing is more fun than making fun of people who take themselves too seriously, here’s another list of differences between Hyde Park and the North Shore.

    Be careful who you share this with, though. One of Rod Blagojevich’s associates once said, “There are two places that you don’t want to be from if you wanted to curry favor with Rod Blagojevich—the North Shore or Hyde Park. He despised people from either place.” Look where it got him.

    North Shore: Mexican landscapers
    Hyde Park: Indian grad students

    North Shore: Any state school, especially if includes a direction. (The University of Michigan is OK, as long as it was your Ivy League fallback.)
    Hyde Park: Any school but U of C or Harvard.

    North Shore: Lacrosse
    Hyde Park: Chess

    North Shore: Joining Sidley & Austin, getting rich.
    Hyde Park: Joining U of C Law faculty, writing Harvard Law Review article defending the right of Sidley & Austin clients to get rich.

    North Shore: “How does a WASP propose marriage? ‘How would you like to be buried with my people?’”
    Hyde Park: “‘How many U of C students does it take to change a light bulb?’ ‘Quiet! I’m trying to study in the dark!’”

    North Shore: Israel, Thailand Hyde Park: Architectural dig in Uzbekistan, sponsored by Oriental Institute


    North Shore: Northwestern finishing last in Big Ten

    Hyde Park: U of C dropping out of Big Ten

    North Shore: Deerfield, Northbrook, Lake Bluff
    Hyde Park: Once you see a Shark’s Fish & Chicken, you’ll know you’re there.

    North Shore: Lakefront mansion
    Hyde Park: Nobel Prize


    North Shore: Guy with a Camaro
    Hyde Park: Guy with a bachelor’s degree


    North Shore: Cubs
    Hyde Park: White Sox


    North Shore: Pay psychiatrist to diagnose him as learning disabled so he gets extended time.
    Hyde Park: Museum Sundays

    North Shore: Tony Rezko
    Hyde Park: Bill Ayers

    North Shore: Mr. T
    Hyde Park: Leopold and Loeb


    North Shore: Donald Rumsfeld
    Hyde Park: Carol Moseley Braun

    North Shore: Protestants: Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar; Catholics: Any foreign car not from England; Jews: Any foreign car not from an Axis country.
    Hyde Park: Volvo

    North Shore: Episcopalian (see, Church of the Holy Comforter, Kenilworth)
    Hyde Park: Unitarian (see, Meadville Lombard Theological School, South Woodlawn Avenue)

    North Shore: Black Tie Bar Mitzvah
    Hyde Park: Latke vs. Hamentashen debate

    North Shore: Ordinary People, Risky Business
    Hyde Park: Anything foreign


    North Shore: Abner Mikva
    Hyde Park: Abner Mikva 

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