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How To Buy A City Sticker Without Leaving Your Hood



    It’s always been possible to buy a City Sticker without leaving your own neighborhood. You could go to a skeevy Currency Exchange and pay the convenience fee. 

    This year, though, the City Clerk’s office is offering at least one City Sticker sale day in every ward. And many aldermen are participating in the Aldermanic Will-Call Program, which allows their constituents to buy City Stickers in ward offices. 

    Here are the rules for the Aldermanic Will-Call Program, from a participating alderman: 

    "Simply bring your renewal form, payment (check or money order made payable to “City Clerk“) and your driver’s license to my office any time during regular business hours between now and Friday, June 15th. We'll forward your application and payment to the City Clerk’s office for processing and you can then pick up your sticker at my office at your convenience during the City vehicle sticker sale, on Saturday, June 23rd, or any business day after that date. No lines, no wait! 

    The new Aldermanic Will Call program is available for the following types of stickers: City stickers; City stickers with annual residential parking permits; daily residential parking permits (guest passes); and City stickers with the senior discounted price. We are not able to process motor bike emblems, antique vehicle stickers, and veteran stickers."

    The prices for the City vehicle stickers are as follows: 

    • Small passenger vehicles (under 4,500 lbs): $85

    • Larger passenger vehicles (4,500 lbs or more): $135

    • Senior Citizens (for small and larger vehicles): $30

    • Truck (16,000 lbs or less): $200

    • Motorcycle: $45

    A vehicle sticker in a residential permit parking zone will cost an additional $25.

    The Clerk’s Office prefers payment by check or money order but will accept cash or credit card payments. Please note that cash or credit card payments are NOT accepted if you participate in the Aldermanic Will Call Program. 

    If you're a senior citizen, make sure you have an ID to receive the senior discount. 

    To purchase a sticker in person, you must bring your driver’s license or renewal form and know your vehicle license plate number. 

    Check to see whether your ward is part of the program. If it’s not, here’s a link to a list of Ward Sales Events.