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Quinn's Stuck Between a Daley and a Union



    Quinn's Stuck Between a Daley and a Union
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    Pat Quinn's loyalty is about to experience its first big test since the election.

    The governor will have to decide soon whether he wants go against Daley and sign off on a plan to fund police and firefighter pensions or go against the unions and pass on a new bill.

    The Senate passed legislation Thursday requiring municipalities to bankroll police and firefighter pensions by 90-percent before 2041.

    The unions consented to raising their retirement age from 50 to 55 and curtailing cost-of-living increases in retirement in exchange.

    Mayor Daley admitted reform is necessary but balked at the package, saying the mandate would burden Chicago homeowners with a significant property tax hike in 2015 to come up with the $550 million to fund the pensions.

    "From today on, you won't be able to sell your house....These taxes are gonna go up by 100 percent or more,'" he said.

    Senate President John Cullerton, who supported the reform, is promising to help tweak the package with another bill next year.

    Cullerton suggested stretching the timetable from 2015 to a later date.

    However, the politician with the bill sitting in front of him is refusing to say anything.

    At some point, Governor Quinn is going to have to choose a side.