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Gery Chico's One-Point Plan to Stop Bullying



    Gery Chico's One-Point Plan to Stop Bullying

    Gery Chico has a six-point plan to stop bullying. It involves pro-active anti bullying programs, effectively functioning alternative schools and evaluating and assessing student behavior.

    He also has a one-point plan to stop bullying, which involves punching people in the face.

    After the subject of bullying came up at Monday night’s Mikva Challenge debate on WTTW, Gery Chico’s campaign hurried to release his official anti-bully platform to the press. Only Miguel del Valle had been given time to talk about the subject, as he answered a student’s question about the plight of LGBT students.

    “We need to build a culture of acceptance, as well as one of sensitivity, and people knowing their differences as well as what they have in common, and the importance of living as a community,” del Valle told the girl.

    When moderator Carol Marin asked the candidates how many had been bullied, only Chico, an ex-high school jock, didn’t raise his hand.

    Lest he be thought insensitive to bullying, he released this official plan later that night:

    Gery Chico knows that hate crimes do more than hurt the victim; they hurt an entire community, and the LGBT community knows all too well what that feels like.
    Gery will advocate that the city prosecute crimes motivated by hate to the fullest extent possible.
    Gery will initiate a proactive anti-bullying program in all CPS schools, coordinated with relevant LGBT organizations and other social service agencies.
    Create effectively functioning alternative schools for disruptive or at-risk students by contracting with private providers and soliciting alternative school charter


    Evaluate and assess student behavior to identify problems early before they endanger teachers and other students

    Put more Chicago Police in and around schools in need.

    But after the debate, Chico gave reporters his personal, Gery Chico solution to bullies: punch them in the face. Back in the 8th grade, Chico had to get heavy with a guy who was picking on his brother.

    “The toughest kid in the school was on my brother’s back," he said. "I saw this from about a block away. And I went running. And I caught this kid. And I knocked him out. Not cold, you know. But I mean, I knocked him out because he was on my brother’s back. And you know what? If you do that a couple times, nobody messes with you. I mean that is just the way I was brought up.”

    The broad-chested Chico still looks like he could beat up any other candidates in this race. He also looks like he could beat up Mayor Bloomberg of New York, or any other mayor who tries to take jobs and business away from Chicago.

    So who do you want for mayor? A soft guy like del Valle, who talks about “sensitivity” and “acceptance,” or a tough guy like Chico, who can throw a punch. Huh? Huh? Hey, dirtbag, I’m asking you a question…