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Emanuel Hits Streets to Boost Curfew Law



    Emanuel Spreads New Curfew Rules

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel passed out fliers Friday morning at the 95th/Dan Ryan stop on the CTA about earlier curfews for kids. (Published Friday, Aug. 12, 2011)

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Friday that when he was a kid, he knew when the street lights came on, it was time to get indoors.

    "Usually to wash dishes at our house," he said.

    The mayor related the anecdote as he toured a CTA station promoting the recently passed curfew ordinance for children under 12.

    "I want these kids safe and I want them at a safe environment, doing homework now that school has started," he said.

    The new rule forces Chicago children to return home -- or at least indoors -- before 8:30 p.m. If they're caught outdoors, their parents will receive a fine. The penalty stands at $500 for offenses one and two and $1,500 for offense No. 3.

    "I am a big supporter of the curfew," Emanuel said. " ... and enforcement is up."