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DJs Stepping Up for Obama

President's Chicago headquarters unveil new campaign initiative



    President Obama is making a play for the voting demographic who like the nightlife -- and like to boogie.

    The campaign's Chicago headquarters announced a new initiative Tuesday called "DJs for Obama," a not-so-subtle play for the youth vote.

    They've enlisted a number of DJs for the effort including Steve Aoki, rapper-turned-DJ D-Nice and DJ Rashida, who tours with Cee Lo Green.

    The DJs are encouraging other artistic types to use their talents to help the campaign.

    "If you're a painter, paint a campaign poster, if you're a sewer, sew a campaign t-shirt. Use what you have to contribute," DJ Cassidy says in a campaign video announcing the initiative. "Four years is great. Eight is what we need."

    Sixty-six percent of voters between 18-29 years old voted for Obama in 2008.