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Council Bars Convicted Aldermen from Floor



    The new mayor celebrates rules that bar convicted aldermen from the Council floor. (Published Wednesday, May 18, 2011)

    During his first ever City Council meeting as Mayor, Rahm Emanuel presided over the passage of a resolution that bars convicted former aldermen from the council floor.

    That means 31 individuals can no longer visit their former place of work. 31.

    "Principally you're a former alderman and you're convicted of a felony related to any type of perjury, bribery, or any felony, your access to this floor is now prohibited. I think it's a proper statement," Emanuel said.

    Former Alderman Issac Carothers, who pleaded guilty to using his influence to win free home improvements on February 2010; former alderman Ambrosio Medrano, who was convicted in 1996 of accepting bribes from federal undercover agents; former alderman Arenda Troutman, who was convicted of taking bribes in 2008; and former alderman Cliff Kelly was convicted in 1987 of bribery, were in attendance when the vote was cast. It's the last time they'll see the inside of city government.

    Emanuel said the resolution was borne out of his 1-on-1 meetings with current alderman, but some behind the scenes players say it's tied to beef between Ald. Danny Solis and former Ald Medrano, whom Solis would like to put off limits.

    31 aldermen have been convicted of felonies between 1972 an 2010. Three others were indicted, but were either too sick to stand trial or died before conviction.

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