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Sad News! C-Note Fodizzle Will NOT Be Your Lt. Gov.



    We don't yet know who will be the Democrats’ nominee for lieutenant governor.

    But we do know he won’t be named C-Note Fodizzle.

    The Democratic Party continued its search for Pat Quinn’s Tonto-esque sidekick over the weekend, interviewing more than 100 candidates at six sites around Illinois. The process is meant to demonstrate the party’s openness. It also demonstrated the party's willingness to make a fool of itself.

    Why should the fun stop with Scott Lee Cohen! It shouldn't!

    Just ask noted famous person's daughter Sheila Simon: “It’s a real treat to be here along with a really neat group of folks,” she said with a forced smile, before making her presentation in Springfield.

    Maybe Simon had just seen Clarence Davis, a deejay on Springfield’s 99.7 KISS-FM who goes by the nom de radio C-Note Fodizzle. On his blog, C-Note called the lieutenant governorship “a job that is relatively easy, little work involved but the money and benefits are great.”

    In his interview before the selection committee, C-Note sounded more serious about the position, saying he wanted to give the lieutenant governor more duties, so “nobody can ever say again they’re bored with this office.” However, Fodizzle was wearing a mohawk (sadly not pictured), which probably queered his whole presentation.

    The first question from the panel was, “Is there anything in your background … that would cause embarrassment to the Democratic Party?”

    “Definitely not,” he responded. “As a radio broadcaster, I’ve always been committed to people my entire life.”

    Sadly, Davis failed to make the short list of 17 finalists for the nomination, which consists entirely of citizens with conventional hairstyles and up-to-date child support payments.

    Simon made the cut. So did state Reps. Art Turner and Mike Boland, whose qualifications include losing to Scott Lee Cohen in the Democratic primary. State Sen. Susan Garrett, the North Shore legislator said to be Quinn’s top choice, is also on the list. There are a few dark horses, so the search still looks “open.” They include DuPage County Board member Dirk Enger, and Jasper St. Angel, who is not a radio deejay, but does moonlight as a Rockford Township trustee.

    In other words, the fun just went out of the lieutenant governor’s race.