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Blagojevich Makes LeBron Pitch



    Rod Blagojevich, afficionado of the King of Rock and Roll, took time after court today to stump for the King of the basketball court, one LeBron James.

    While exiting court, Blagojevich responded to a question from the CNC's Dan Libit.

    "Governor, Lebron James, do you want to make a pitch to Chicago?" Libit asked.

    Blagojevich didn't miss a beat.

    "Absolutely," he said. "It would be very exciting to have LeBron James here in Chicago. He's going to make his decision tomorrow on ESPN, I've been following this."

    Blagojevich then goes on to say Chicago should sign Chris Bosh "of the Toronto Blue Jays".

    Watch the rest of Blagojevich's pitch below. Then cringe when you remember the glib man in the tailored suit's on trial for trying to sell a Senate seat to the highest bidder. Or the blackest politician. Or the biggest celebrity. Y'know. Depending on what tape you listen to.