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Blagojevich Jurors Return to Discuss Wire Fraud Charges



    Blagojevich Jurors Return to Discuss Wire Fraud Charges
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    Rod and Patti Blagojevich leave court after the jury says they haven't made much progress.

    When we last left them, the Blagojevich jury had just revealed to Judge James Zagel that they were stuck in a big way.

    The six men and six women tasked with deciding the fate of former governor Rod Blagojevich had only reached a consensus on two counts. What they are isn't clear.

    What was clear is that the jury hasn't discussed 11 wire fraud charges against Blagojevich and one against his brother, Robert. Zagel implored the jury to discuss those charges and make a decision on the counts even if it wasn't a unanimous one.

    Then the jury went home and took Friday off. Prognosticators and tea-leaf readers spent the weekend trying to discern meaning from the note as to which side it favored.

    Some say it favors the defense, some say it favors the prosecution.

    "There's clearly a problem in the jury room,"  former federal prosecutor Patrick Collins told Ward Room Thursday. "It's a bad day for the government."

    The jury's apparent indecisiveness opens the door to the all-too-real possibility of a hung jury -- which would mean that Blagojevich would likely be retried by the government -- or even an acquittal.  Nothing will be known for sure until the jury returns a verdict that includes both Blagojeviches and decisions on all 24 counts facing Rod.
    There's no science behind predicting when the jury will have its decision, but something could happen any day now.