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Jury Request Could Mean Longer Deliberations



    Judge James Zagel today said he would consider a jury request for transcripts of testimony, but added that the jury would need to request transcripts from specific witnesses.

    After their request, Zagel sent a note back to the jury saying he would consider their request if they gave him specific witness names.

    The jury made the request Friday morning. Blagojevich attorney Sheldon Sorosky objected, arguing that if the jury were to request transcripts for, say, three witnesses, then there's a chance the jury will then make a second request for another three transcripts.

    Too many transcripts going back to the jury would amount to the government trying its case a second time, which Sorosky said would be "highly unfair".

    The prosecution and the attorney representing Robert Blagojevich did not object.

    In acceding to the request, Zagel said that the only transcripts available now were "rough" and warned the jurors that complete transcripts "will take time."

    The request was the jury's second; yesterday, the jury requested transcripts of closing arguments, which the judge denied.