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Blago Trial: Daily Journal 6/30



    Blago Trial: Daily Journal 6/30
    In this courtroom sketch, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, center, and his brother Rob, right, listen to U.S. Attorney Carrie Hamilton present the government's case against the brothers during their federal corruption trial Tuesday, June 8, 2010 in Chicago. (AP Photo/Verna Sadock)

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    What to expect today:  Blago's former campaign communications chief Doug Scofield will continue testifying. More from the infamous "F***ing Golden" tapes.

    10:15 am

    On the morning after Barack Obama was elected President, Rod Blagojevich was depressed.

    "The President of the United States is someone I know, but I'm in a bad place," he says. "I feel like I failed."

    Talking to political advisor Doug Scofield, Blagojevich laments what might have been.

    "There's nothing I coulda done about Obama, nothing right?  Keep him from speaking at the convention... I mean you've got this historic (EXPLETIVE) demigod!"

    Scofield said Blagojevich saw Obama's success as only limiting his further Presidential aspirations. At one point the governor says that had he run, he would have been only "one more white guy in Iowa."

    "There was a level of jealousy and anger," Scofield said.

    Still, on the undercover tape, Blagojevich tried to look on the bright side.

    "My upward mobility doesn't look so good right now," he says.  "But it's a funny business. "

    11:10 am

    In a conversation Nov. 7, 2008, Rod Blagojevich tells advisor Doug Scofield that the Senate seat can go to Jarrett, if she gives him what he wants.

    "Tell her she can be Senator, the governor can appoint her, under the right certain conditions."

    Blagojevich wants a cabinet position.

    "She's holding Health and Human Services and I'm holding a US Senate seat," he says.  "She's holding hers with two hands.  Me, I've got the whole thing wrapped around my arms.  I'm willing to trade the thing I have tightly held to her, for something she doesn't hold so tight!"

    "Gotta think I could at least be ambassador to Macedonia now!"

    11:35 am

    In a conversation with advisor Doug Scofield from Nov. 10, 2008:

    "I get nothing out of Valerie Jarrett.  They are not going to give anything!"

    "What about Patti on some corporate boards, paid corporate boards--could you help me that way," he proposes they say.  "You know a couplea corporate boards, pick up another 150 grand a year!"

    "If they think they can do this and not (EXPLETIVE) give me anything other than some vague assurances, I'll go (EXPLETIVE) Jesse Junior!  The arrogance of these (EXPLETIVE) people!"

    12:30 pm

    November 11:  Blagojevich floats his Louanner Peters idea  again, this time to Scofield. 

    "If I get nothing back from Obama, then I'm going in another direction.  I mean, what if I get impeached next year?  And the storm clouds get serious? I can say I've gotta catapult outa here.  I need that Senate seat!"

    Blagojevich speculates also about creating a non-profit advocacy group where he would go work.  He tells Scofield he is thinking of asking Chicago billionaire JB Pritzker to help him fund it, in exchange for naming Pritzker to the Senate seat.  He speaks of needing $10-15 million.

    2:25 pm

    Blagojevich says, in a call from Nov. 13, that he knows appointing himself Senator would not be popular with the new President.

    "I believe their worst nightmare is me!" he says.  "They wanta keep Rezko a million miles away!"

    5:00 pm

    Judge Zagel says that the honest services ruling could affect one count against Blagojevich, but the evidence will stay in.

    Meanwhile, the defense attempted to demonstrate that aide Doug Scofield encouraged Blagojevich and helped him, but wasn't himself charged.

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