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Review: Amphipod Runlite 4 Hydration Belt



    If you've ever run a race and been hit with a bad bout of thirst and no water station in sight, you know it's not pretty. Bottle-toting belts aim to solve this problem, and the Amphipod Runlite 4 Hydration Belt is one option for runners looking to bring their own fluids. 

    Comfort: Other models and brands offer more breathable or even wicking material, but this belt is thicker fabric, with elastic reinforced by a more sturdy material.Two pockets add a bit of bulk but provide iPod and key-holding convenience. 

    Stability: Amphipod advertises "bounce-free" technology, and while it's not 100% bounce-free, it was more stable than I expected and I think most belts will probably see some bouncing. If it does jostle a bit, you can easily tighten it with one-handed velcro adjustment.

    Versatility: The clips can be positioned anywhere on the belt, and can vary between horizontal and vertical too for your personal preference. The belt closes with velcro and is smooth all around, so you can position the pocket in the front, back, or anywhere in between.  

    Ease of Use: The clips are sturdy, and the bottles diveted for more latch strength. I didn't worry the bottles would fall, but it took a short time to learn how to most easily unclip them. Squeezable bottles and an easy spout made one-handed drinking possible too. I'm not used to running with an accessory belt, but the transition was relatively painless.

    Price: At $46.50 on Amphipod's website, it's a little steep, but if you like the brand and don't need much water, you can get models with fewer bottles for less money. There are other brands out there too, so if the price is too high, shop around a bit. 

    Overall: If you're going to get a belt, this is definitely a good option. It's easy to use, secure, and definitely more adjustable than other options. The price is a bit steep for me, but it might be better to pay a bit more now than be annoyed by a jostling, incosistent belt down the road.