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Product Review: Prana Headband



    If you don’t believe that even the littlest things can throw you off on a run try a 10-mile trail rogue bangs. Many female runners battle the errant hair by keeping their hair in a tight ponytail and a headband, and this Burnout style from Prana is one of my favorites. It’s designed for yogis and rock climbers, but it really does the trick when it comes to holding back stray hairs for more vigorous activities too.

    Comfort: 50% organic cotton, 50% recycled polyester, 100% comfortable. Keeps hair in place without constantly reminding you it’s on your head. If you sweat a lot though, keep in mind that it's not designed to absorb that. 

    Durability: Washer/dryer safe and hasn’t lost its elasticity in over a year.

    Style: Mineral washed fabric in light but vibrant color schemes means you probably wouldn’t want to pair one with tie-dye, but it looks great on its own! 

    Price: At $14, it’s a bit pricier than your average drugstore version, but it lasts longer without stretching out.

    The Basics: It’s fairly wide at 4.5” but it’s designed to scrunch up or stretch out depending on your needs. What I personally like most is that it’s tight at the seams to really keep my flyaways in place. Check it out at their website in 4 different colors for $14.00 apiece, and you can read more reviews onAmazon too.