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"Ugly Betty" To End With a Bow on the Runway



    If there's any good news to come from the announcement that the plug is being pulled on "Ugly Betty" it's that there is still time left.

    Series creator Silvio Horta and ABC Entertainment Group President Stephen McPherson promised in a joint statement that while the show must end, "we want to allow the ample time to write a satisfying conclusion." The four-year run will come to end this spring with a fashion-inspired bang.

    When "Ugly Betty" was in full-swing it was mad-cap fantastic television with larger-than-life villains and a diminutive hero wearing gigantic braces. "Betty" had great pace, great writing and smart characters. Even the smallest of these -- Betty's fashion obsessed gay nephew Justin comes to mind -- were hilarious. And the friendship between assistant Marc St. James and ambitious receptionist Amanda marked some of the best bitchy banter on television.

    The show, based on a Colombian series, won plenty of award hardware. In 2007 America Ferrera won both a Screen Actors Guild award and a Golden Globe — the first television actress to pull both in the same year. But the show has dealt with falling ratings and struggled with scheduling changes in the years to follow.

    At least the end promises a return to the glory days. It's going to be fantastic.