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New Release Round-Up: Buzz and Woody Will Trounce All Comers



    "The Karate Kid" handed "The A-Team" a mighty beatdown last week in a battle for '80s nostalgia supremacy, but Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan had better watch their backs, cuz Woody, Buzz and the rest of the "Toy Story 3" gang are gonna sweep the leg. Let's take a look at what's coming out this week.

    "Toy Story 3"

    A dark, thoughtful and at times terrifying meditation on God, the role of government, the environment, and Man's obligations to his fellow Man. Your kids will love it. In wide release -- Read our review and watch the trailer

    "Jonah Hex"

    There's been lots of negative buzz (nuzz?) surrounding this one despite initial excitement over the project. Talks of discord on the set and the need for reshoots, to say nothing of a laughable first peek have taken some of the shine off this one, and the initial reviews are doing nothing to restore its luster. In wide release.


    From writer-directors Mark and Jay Duplass, this film finds Jonah Hill making a very successful move toward drama, John C. Reilly taking on a too rare leading-man role and Marisa Tomei doing some of the best work of her career in a well crafted character piece centering around three adults in a very unhealthy relationship. Opens in New York and LA Read our review and watch the trailer

    "I Am Love"

    Tilda Swinton is at the top of her game, in this beautifully shot soap opera about an insular and wealthy Italian family and the tragedies that befall them. Read our full review

    "The Killer Inside Me"

    Novelist Jim Thompson brought a clarity and economy of words to the hard-boiled world of crime and duplicity he depicted. Converting the work of arguably the greatest American pulp novelist of the 20th century to the big screen is no easy task, a fact made all too apparent by director Michael Winterbottom’s hollow film adaptation of Thompson’s 1952 novel, “The Killer Inside Me.” Read our review and watch the trailer


    In addition to the new releases, 2010 Sundance champ Winter's Bone is expanding into Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Read our review and watch the trailer