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"Life" Is an Awesome Thing That Demands Watching



    The news of Discovery Channels big coup with Sarah Palin's reality show signing may have overshadowed the stunning success of the "Life" series which debuted last week and continues this weekend.

    Last weekend's big-time event premiere of the stunning wildlife co-production with the BBC was simulcast on seven Discovery Communications  channels  -- from the Discovery Channel to  Animal Planet  -- and brought in an impressive 33 million viewers. It a strong start for the 11-part series, narrated by Oprah Winfrey, which continues on Sunday.

    "People were cheering in the hallways," says Discovery Channel spokesperson Alison Rudnick. "It went through every department. Everyone somehow touched this."

    The "Life" premiere brought in 2 million more viewers than "Planet Earth" the groundbreaking series which preceded "Life."

    Sunday's episode will no longer be simulcast and will air only on the Discovery Channel. The topic: "Reptiles and Amphibians" which features ruthless hunters and extraordinary camouflage. It also features Komodo dragons hunting and killing a water buffalo which is awesome and disturbing at the same time.